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Not only does it quickly get difficult, and not so much fun, but some tasks never register as having happened, one creature can’t be killed, and now the game seems to be frozen. Very frustrating.

Overall Good Game

Enjoyable game that doesn’t take forever to figure out. Also, very reasonable in-app purchases and you don’t feel like you have to buy much if any to level up or win quests. My only complaint is that the side quests always manage to freeze in some kind of way or form. Should this be fixed, definitely a 5 Star game. Also, when you select items to use such a certain kind of sword or shield and they are placed on the left side of the screen, it’d be nice to be able to review them to compare them to a newly obtained item.

Good Game

I like this game. Its easy, has some strategy and options for upgrades, and I love the new “endless” adventure. The levels get very hard very quickly and the endless is a good way to make money quickly to upgrade heroes so that you can move on. Its especially nice that you can play level 1 of endless over and over (since even level 2 is significantly more difficult) I’d like to report a bug though. Ever since the last update, the app freezes every time I try to kill one of the bee type enemies. Its just the bees. I don’t know why and it’s pretty annoying.

Great game

Fun times


This is actually a pretty neat game, This is my first time going to the indies section😉

A problem

The game is great. The only problem I have with it, is that sometimes it will lag and then just completely crash. The screen just goes blank and then I'm back at my home screen. It really annoying but if this was fixed the game would be perfect.

Loved it

When I saw the description of the game I knew I would like it and I did 10/10 would recommend😄

Probably one of the best RPGS I’ve ever played

This is a really cool game! If D&D and Adventure Time had a baby, this game would be the result! My only suggestions are that you guys should fix the typos, nerf enemies a bit, and add a little more story. But overall, this is an awesome game!

Review and suggestion.

Really cute game. Entertaining gameplay. I suggest a build your own character option. Couple open a lot of options.



It’s not bad, just 1 thing I would change...

Ok. So the game is unique and it’s a good idea and it’s actually really fun at first but then after a couple times playing it, it gets hard too quickly. This could just be me, but I find the upgrading process very slow and it’s hard to move on if you’re stuck with the stuff you have. The awards are too little and if you want to take a break from the main mission and start playing the side quests, it’s not any easier. The enemies are too strong, it’s harder to find resources, and I’m guessing that you’re more likely to get a curse than a blessing in those “try your luck” situations. I recommend that the side quests’ difficultly should be lowered a bit especially at the beginning b/c this is literally my second day playing. Besides that, the game’s good. The characters are very cute and creative and I like the atmosphere of it. Something I would add is if every character had a little special ability so they would all seem different and we wouldn’t have to just look at their stats. Another thing I would like to see is if they showed a bit more personality. Maybe if a little comment bubble would show up when your chosen character or the npc’s are at the village. Good game. 4 stars :P


I like this game.

Fun game

Pretty fun

Disappearing Diamonds

Game was going good and is entertaining, but I just opened the game and most of my diamonds were gone. The in game currency can be earned or purchased with real money. I had at least 80 diamonds, but I just logged in any only had 10! There must be some kind of glitch. Not cool as I spent $4.99 on in game content!


This game really tries too hard to be Minecraft... And we know that will never happen. My pig in game sits in mud the whole game and does nothing, as you can see they are trying to be the animals in Minecraft. Please get a life and stop making video game. Thanks, Minecraft Lover MINE DIAMONDS FOR LIIIIIIIFE

Enjoyed it at first, not so much now

Really easy and pass the hourly/main quest at first, but once you get further into the game the difficulty spike is insane. I feel like I'm going to have to fail the same levels for days before I can actually progress. Most of the good heros are locked under 400 diamond purchase (you get 1-2 from completing a quest and 1-2 from completing achievements). They really need to implement a way to trash certain hourly quests to replace them with easier ones you can actually do. I'm tired of doing the same mission over and over only to get 30 coins after failing it. On top of that there's no way you're getting any of the seasonal heros without dropping diamonds. Period. Could be a lot better.

Good till a certain point

Great little game and yes it does take some thought of strategy but after a certain point I got to where if you don’t pay you won’t win Enemies get to advanced and not enough supplies at the starting point. I mean theyvgive diamonds often but not enough to level your player up or buy a new one when you really need it.

Charmingly fun, if a bit repetitive

Fun and charming but gets repetitive fairly quickly. Levels and enemies are beautifully animated, but also reskins. It would have been interesting to have “boss levels” or challenge levels or something. After playing for 3 hours, I was able to do a 9 level event dungeon (which was a neat challenge!) despite story mode still being too slow at 5 levels. The heroes don’t feel unique. Sure, some have a different ability (many abilities are also unfortunately reskinned), but otherwise stats feel fairly meaningless or poorly explained given that buildings and items affect play more. For example, You don’t even see your different elemental resistances, yet they affect gameplay. Still, this game is fun. I just don’t see a reason to spend much money, and I’m not sure this is a game I see myself playing long term. This game is unique, clearly made with a lot of love and care, and isn’t just a cash-grab. I think it just feels like a game that just hasn’t met its potential. Would love to see more variety in gameplay design if possible. Ratings: Visual Design: 4.5 Gameplay: 3 Sound/music: 4 Replay Value: 3.5 Overall: 3.8 Cheers!

great game!

this game is honestly pretty awesome. i’m only 4 chapters in but i love it. i will be up all night playing thanks for this!

Fun, but basically a money pit.

This game is, honestly, very fun. It’s also very cute and has Adventure Time vibes — unsure if the creators helped on Adventure Time or what. Despite its fun, it becomes money hungry pretty quickly. I’ve been stuck on level 8-2 for about a month and have lost all urge to play the game. After a while, the levels just get harder and they expect you to revive yourself with diamonds and after a while, diamonds cost money. I see the potential in this game and if the right company/devs owned it — i.e. non-greedy, gamer-friendly people, this game could be worth the money that the current devs are trying to swindle from players. 3/5. Play for a week, delete, move on.

Best start screen ever

When I just got the game then when the start screen popped up I just loved it it’s so funny😂

Fun but...

Everything is upgraded but it's too hard. Cant get past the first floor without dying. Not fun if you never win! Update- had to uninstall. Can't get past the first floor even with all of the upgrades done. Eventually you run out of things to buy once all is upgraded as well. Too bad, was fun until it wasn't.

Super simple RPG for the busy gamer

For those of us that have an RPG bug and not a lot of time, this game is the perfect companion.

Unable to restore purchases

I had bought both the “New Hero Boost Pack” as well as the “Lady of Darkness” pack. I wanted to reset my game, so I had uninstalled and then reinstalled the app. Upon attempting to restore my recent purchases, I had come to realize that the game doesn’t attempt to do anything but “contact server”. After a few seconds, the pop-up goes away and my purchases aren’t restored. Developers should seriously assess this issue.


I am a big nerd and have been waiting for an actually good game to come out in the role playing section and this is incredible needs more content though but it reminds me a lot of adventure time which was my favorite show when I was a kid

Good game

I like it fine so far.

Unlikely free

I can't say the game hasn't giving me hours of enjoyment. The developers have also said that they have some updates on the way that will fix the bugs that I found. That is good. I love the artistic style and gameplay… It's just now I'm frustrated. I'm on the 11th stage, so obviously I know how to play. I get the strategy. I've unlocked everything that I can, by simply playing. And now I'm at an impasse. I guess I'm supposed to be excited about spending money on the game. Maybe that's what playing apps is all about. It's just I don't know how I can trust it at this point. I've went into stages to fight monsters that I wasn't strong enough to beat, left, leveled up, then returned again only to find the monsters had then leveled up as well!!?? What's the point!? It all seems pretty relative to me, if they are five point stronger than me, and I level up five points (for example), but so do they... then they are still stronger than me! Like I said, what's the point? I haven't accomplished anything except waste of my hard earned money. I just hope this isn't another great game that has dropped the ball and ended up being a disappointment after all. That would be a shame.

Cute Little Game

It’s a cute little game that’s fun to play during some down time. The characters are all unique. Artwork is adorable. And it doesn’t feel too grindy to progress. I’m enjoying it overall and can see myself playing this game for a long time. But there are some parts that do wear on me. Some cons are it can feel tedious. Low tier armor and weapons break quickly, so it can get annoying to stop and craft/equip them. I think an auto equip feature would be good when you pick up a sword/shield/shirt when you don’t have one on. Otherwise it takes up inventory space. It feels like I spend more time messing with my inventory than playing. Also the game message pop ups get annoying. I know I’m receiving gems from the achievements. I don’t need a pop up to tell me that. As well as the full inventory pop ups. I feel it could be a little message on the side of the screen or something similar. The game is fun and I love it. But it’s those minor tidbits that make me tired of it. Constantly having to mess with inventory and acknowledge messages kind of gets tiresome.

Triggered Customers

I see some reviewers are upset about it copying adventure times art style. I mean people use anime art style all the time so what’s the issue here? It’s a cute game but not my cup of tea as I’m not into strategy games but the cute art style caught my attention. So that’s a plus, some people need to get off their high horse.

Great game, but there’s a bug

I love the game, the artstyle is incredibly cute and it’s overall fun to play, the only problem is that there’s a bug to where you can’t collect revenue from the vampire princess, so please fix that ASAP.

Fun For a While

Good game, I like it, but you end up hitting a point where you’re forced to watch ads or spend money to get enough gold to level up, because you can’t complete a mission without getting stronger, and then once you pass that mission, you’ve basically just watching ads again until you can beat that one.

Too slow to get gems

Game tried to grind you extremely hard for gems - then latest update adds won’t even give you gems. Gems are required to level characters, not coins. That needs to be fixed


Great game love it

Fun but the special attack button

Automatically attacks the enemy positioned where the button is, rather than letting you select a different enemy to attack. Otherwise pretty fun game.

Refreshingly fun and cute

I like this game a lot, and think the stages are great, plus side-quests to balance. Please keep the content expanding so the purchases/time investment stays worthwhile. Any issues are VERY minor - a stage that locked was patched quickly. An area that seems like it’s out of balance is beatable if you level and strategize. The difficulty so far (ive played 1-1 to 5-1) is good - sometimes it takes a try or two to beat a side quest, and that’s good. I wouldn’t want it to be impossible or impossible without spending actual money - but I also wouldn’t want it to be ridiculously easy. I feel like it’s well balanced so far. Keep up the daily rewards, the content, the story, the additional heroes, themed events, and so forth - and I will be playing this for a long time to come! Thanks!!

Addictive Gameplay, Great Art

The simple and casual gameplay that seems to combine turn-based RPG features with some resource management aspects is a treat. It’s so easy to get started that I almost thought it was an idle game. The art reminiscent of Adventure Time is an added bonus. The only reason the game lost a star is the sloppy writing and typos that make me think a gang of punch-drunk 10 year olds wrote the text.

Simple and fun

Love this game. Got it for free when it was on sale, but would be happy to pay for it. Love the Adventure Time like animation. Been addicted to it since starting. Highly recommend buying this one.

Don’t buy in app purchases

I used gems to get the 20 at the the start of battles pack and then I saw I could buy the starter adventure pack and get 90 percent faster side quests and 20 more added at the start of battles. I only got half that and I’ve been cheated out of my money because I was only given half of what I paid for. I’m not spending anymore money on this game unless they give you what you pay for. If I use gems and then buy the pack I should start each battle with 40 of my recourses. If that isn’t possible then don’t offer both. One or the other.

Super addictive

I love these kind of games where you earn money to beef up your hero. Super fun and super addictive.

Work on the English Grammar

It’s a great game, but it’s obvious that the translation into English was rushed. Get another team to look into some of the grammatical errors before the next update, because some of the mistakes are distracting.

Want to like it more

It’s a whimsical game with Adventure Time’s art style. Movement consists of spaces that can be hopped to in order to reach an objective or circumvent an enemy that would otherwise be difficult to handle. Combat seems to rely heavily on crafting with materials found in the field and using a hero’s unique ability in order to win. Buildings in town increase hero stats (dmg, def, etc.) and can be upgraded to increase them further. Haven’t seen much story besides “village burned down please send halp”

Why Bother?

Repetitive, derivative cash grab. There are more bugs than charming aspects and what charm there is has been shamelessly lifted from the work of others.

So much fun!!!

Seriously I’ve been looking for an app to play that can make me want to keep playing!! This game does it. So fun, strategic, and always keeps you wanting to grind out more!! Super 5 Stars!!!


I love it so much! Literally the only game I play

Oh my GOSH

May I just say this game is so addicting such a simple concept made so much fun! I play everyday well sense a couple days ago but so fun and addicting!!!! It’s easy and fun the art is great and the system it great

I love it!

The game is really fun and I like all the little characters and how your supposed to get to the next level with the grid. It's really addictive and could keep me busy for hours!

Amazing game

This is one of the best games for the iPhone. Very few apps are built properly for a phone. This is a great game and is definitely worth trying out. It has fun addictive gameplay and isn’t like a lot of arcade games on the iPhone that repeat themselves. Its also not to complex and hard to be on the phone. It’s a wonderful mix and has simple enough gameplay that follows a great and fun story.


Warning: Addicting This Is One Of The Best Free Games I Have Played In A Long LOG Time, I Love It :D

Very simple and enjoyable

Really fun and simple game. Something you can play for awhile and then come back to. Many heroes to play with while jumping around.

This is awesome!

I love the art style and strategy of this game. Reminds me of Adventure Time with its visuals and art style. I definitely recommend it to people who love strategy games!

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