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Love this game

I’ve been addicted and just love the simple designs of the characters and the game is just easy to get into



Better music

So when I downloaded this game I was thinking “I bet this is going to have awesome music!” But only to find out it had some music that I hated so please make it have better music!

A good game, but maybe add some better music?

Now all it needs is some actual music. The music currently is kinda meh. Probably dumb of me to ask for music, but adding some Hyper Potions music to the game added a better experience, at least for me. But this is still a unique and cool strategy game, and art style is cute. Good game.

Cute and entertaining

Super cute game. I only wish there was more detailed explanation of all the different things and why. I just feel like I’m going through motions.

This game is addicting!

I’ve really enjoyed this game so far. It’s so cute and entertaining!


I really like the game but it’s kind of difficult to understand.


This was just the game I was looking for, I can’t find a real way to improve it, I just can’t stop playing now that I’ve downloaded it!

Read pls

Like this game but the soundtracks are horrible pls fix it

Wonderful Game!

Didn’t think I would enjoy this game going into it but now I’m addicted and have almost everything leveled up to max.

Get it now!

This game is amazing and fun unlike I thought it would be. Get it before it’s too late!


I like the game it is really fun and I think most people who like games where you have to build and survive would like this game but I have to play on my parents phone because on my iPad it doesn't let me In so please fix that.

Grammar and explaining

The game is probably nice, but understanding is difficult for two reasons: they don’t do much explaining, and there are a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Great game.

UnlikelyHeroes, yet the likely a game you will enjoy. 5/5 stars. Personally I have been looking for a game like this and it doesn’t work as good as I hoped but I’m doing 5 stars anyway because it deserves a better star average.

Amazing and whimsical graphics

This game is amazing with the graphics, but I have a recommendation: different classes of weapons, such as guns, or staffs.

I dont know how to contact developers

Dope game / premise! I am currently mildly addicted. Please keep doing good stuff. I dont know how to contact the developers, so i am leaving this here. I like your game but i dont know why i am playing it. Like, whats the end game? I am getting more gear to kill bigger monsters to get better gear. I want to either elevate the game to a subtle art and optimize stats, or i want a “opponent/human” challenge/interaction. 1)Please add more (visible) stats about the enemy and its elemental weakness if it has one... that way i can better optimize/choose my attack. 2)They should also have also have a mode/HUD-option where it auto calculates the math for you and gives you a challenge rating. Or maybe a “one hit health forcast”... something to help aleviate the numbers to people who dont want to do math and keep up with gear and modifies and such nonsense. They should separately a create “challenge/puzzle levels” mode or allow people to submit challenge levels where only certain maze paths are possible. Often requiring special character/pet selections; you can only use level 1 characters/pets you already own. With a few randomized enemy positions or heathbars you could establish a leader board around damage taken or something? Maybe you could remove some of the yet-to-be-implemented stat forcasting to increase the challenge? Good luck on further development though! I will continue to play this because it is strangely entertaining for now... but i predict an upper bound.


dont redirect me to the app-store to review you against my will

Cool game

Cool game

Cute Game

I enjoy this game and love the artwork! My only problem is that I’ve been stuck at extra chapter 10 for a while now, even though I’ve beat the chapter? It also has yet to allow me to play the Dale? Help?

Great game

Usually I’m not invested in iPhone games and lose interest fairly quickly but this game somehow keeps me coming back for more with genuine anticipation. Overall I like the gameplay and aesthetic. It’s a unique take on rpgs that I don’t think I’ve seen before. It’s simple and quick enough to jump in and feel like you’ve made equal amounts of progress for the effort you put in. From what I’ve played so far, level and character progression seem fairly balanced. Side quests are unusually hard compared to my expectation of side quest difficulty. I’m only on stage 4-1 but I can see how the game may naturally progress into a pay to win situation but it does reward you accordingly at the moment. It looks and feels fun to play. It’s an extremely solid game with satisfying groundwork mechanics. I still think it needs some minor adjustments to character leveling to give each character some depth. I also like the crafting based approach but there’s gotta be a way to adjust gameplay so that it doesn’t feel like half the game is stalled by inventory management. I’ve only recently started actually using my recipes because for the most part, it’s easier to just play and find items on the field. Maybe add shortcuts to most used crafting recipes under the inventory? I like the flow of battle but I can see it become more streamlined down the line with some minor improvements. One last thing is there should be a tutorial menu. Most games are usually self explanatory but I was lost on a few mechanics of the game and the reason I’m even back on the apps page was to see if the description had any game explanations (lol). But seriously a fun game to spend time on. I can see it being even greater with the right amount of care and development.

My new favorite game!

Unusual and very enjoyable game! Having a lot of fun!

Great Game

Just A Great Game Period.

Dale bug

Pretty sure there’s a bug with the Dale achievements. I’ve been playing for a while and have used shrines and killed monsters in the Dale, but the achievements aren’t tracking them. Please fix so I can get those gems!

Glitched lady of darkness pack?

I bought the 4.99$ lady of darkness pack once and now every time I log in (4 times I think) I receive another set of 500 more diamonds from the lady of darkness pack.. I don’t think I’ve been charged more than 4.99$ but I’m scared to spend the diamonds or that I’ll receive multiple packs and then be billed all at once :/


Found a bug for free gems I do this on iPad 10.5 Double click home button on iPad Swipe up the game Reopen game with it on the bottom right task bar Get a prompt for 150 gems Works every time for me. Glad I didn’t pay money for gems, as I found out from having so many gems, there isn’t much to the game. Also, rip off of adventure time cartoon theme

The wasp enemy is broken!

I can’t attack the wasp enemy with any character. I used a bomb to attack the wasp and it froze the game up and crashed it. Bug fix please!

Pretty good, could use a little fixing

A great way to pass time, I enjoy the art style and game play. I agree with other reviews about it getting hard quick and being a little repetitive. Also, giving the characters a little more personality as well would be nice! One (literal) bug I’ve encountered were the bees. I can’t do any damage to them and if I try to attack them in any way the game pretty much freezes. I can still somewhat interact with items, but I can’t do anything else, I just have to exit out of the stage and lose all progress in that level. It’s also really hard to get any coins. Besides all of this, the games great.

Pretty good

This game is overall a very well planned game and is very fun to play. The only reason why I give it a 4 star rating , is because it can be a bit boring at some points.Just the fact that you just tap and clear areas isn’t the funnest thing in the world.

Often a can’t fight current enemies!

When I am going to a bee enemy my game would allow me to fight it and if I try to bomb it. Then, the game won’t allow me to move anywhere or fight anyone.

The bees

Every time I try to kill the bees the game breaks.

Overall Good Game

Enjoyable game that doesn’t take forever to figure out. Also, very reasonable in-app purchases and you don’t feel like you have to buy much if any to level up or win quests. My only complaint is that the side quests always manage to freeze in some kind of way or form. Should this be fixed, definitely a 5 Star game. Also, when you select items to use such a certain kind of sword or shield and they are placed on the left side of the screen, it’d be nice to be able to review them to compare them to a newly obtained item.

Good Game

I like this game. Its easy, has some strategy and options for upgrades, and I love the new “endless” adventure. The levels get very hard very quickly and the endless is a good way to make money quickly to upgrade heroes so that you can move on. Its especially nice that you can play level 1 of endless over and over (since even level 2 is significantly more difficult) I’d like to report a bug though. Ever since the last update, the app freezes every time I try to kill one of the bee type enemies. Its just the bees. I don’t know why and it’s pretty annoying.

Great game

Fun times


This is actually a pretty neat game, This is my first time going to the indies section😉

A problem

The game is great. The only problem I have with it, is that sometimes it will lag and then just completely crash. The screen just goes blank and then I'm back at my home screen. It really annoying but if this was fixed the game would be perfect.

Loved it

When I saw the description of the game I knew I would like it and I did 10/10 would recommend😄

Probably one of the best RPGS I’ve ever played

This is a really cool game! If D&D and Adventure Time had a baby, this game would be the result! My only suggestions are that you guys should fix the typos, nerf enemies a bit, and add a little more story. But overall, this is an awesome game!

Review and suggestion.

Really cute game. Entertaining gameplay. I suggest a build your own character option. Couple open a lot of options.



It’s not bad, just 1 thing I would change...

Ok. So the game is unique and it’s a good idea and it’s actually really fun at first but then after a couple times playing it, it gets hard too quickly. This could just be me, but I find the upgrading process very slow and it’s hard to move on if you’re stuck with the stuff you have. The awards are too little and if you want to take a break from the main mission and start playing the side quests, it’s not any easier. The enemies are too strong, it’s harder to find resources, and I’m guessing that you’re more likely to get a curse than a blessing in those “try your luck” situations. I recommend that the side quests’ difficultly should be lowered a bit especially at the beginning b/c this is literally my second day playing. Besides that, the game’s good. The characters are very cute and creative and I like the atmosphere of it. Something I would add is if every character had a little special ability so they would all seem different and we wouldn’t have to just look at their stats. Another thing I would like to see is if they showed a bit more personality. Maybe if a little comment bubble would show up when your chosen character or the npc’s are at the village. Good game. 4 stars :P


I like this game.

Fun game

Pretty fun

Disappearing Diamonds

Game was going good and is entertaining, but I just opened the game and most of my diamonds were gone. The in game currency can be earned or purchased with real money. I had at least 80 diamonds, but I just logged in any only had 10! There must be some kind of glitch. Not cool as I spent $4.99 on in game content!


This game really tries too hard to be Minecraft... And we know that will never happen. My pig in game sits in mud the whole game and does nothing, as you can see they are trying to be the animals in Minecraft. Please get a life and stop making video game. Thanks, Minecraft Lover MINE DIAMONDS FOR LIIIIIIIFE

Enjoyed it at first, not so much now

Really easy and pass the hourly/main quest at first, but once you get further into the game the difficulty spike is insane. I feel like I'm going to have to fail the same levels for days before I can actually progress. Most of the good heros are locked under 400 diamond purchase (you get 1-2 from completing a quest and 1-2 from completing achievements). They really need to implement a way to trash certain hourly quests to replace them with easier ones you can actually do. I'm tired of doing the same mission over and over only to get 30 coins after failing it. On top of that there's no way you're getting any of the seasonal heros without dropping diamonds. Period. Could be a lot better.

Good till a certain point

Great little game and yes it does take some thought of strategy but after a certain point I got to where if you don’t pay you won’t win Enemies get to advanced and not enough supplies at the starting point. I mean theyvgive diamonds often but not enough to level your player up or buy a new one when you really need it.

Charmingly fun, if a bit repetitive

Fun and charming but gets repetitive fairly quickly. Levels and enemies are beautifully animated, but also reskins. It would have been interesting to have “boss levels” or challenge levels or something. After playing for 3 hours, I was able to do a 9 level event dungeon (which was a neat challenge!) despite story mode still being too slow at 5 levels. The heroes don’t feel unique. Sure, some have a different ability (many abilities are also unfortunately reskinned), but otherwise stats feel fairly meaningless or poorly explained given that buildings and items affect play more. For example, You don’t even see your different elemental resistances, yet they affect gameplay. Still, this game is fun. I just don’t see a reason to spend much money, and I’m not sure this is a game I see myself playing long term. This game is unique, clearly made with a lot of love and care, and isn’t just a cash-grab. I think it just feels like a game that just hasn’t met its potential. Would love to see more variety in gameplay design if possible. Ratings: Visual Design: 4.5 Gameplay: 3 Sound/music: 4 Replay Value: 3.5 Overall: 3.8 Cheers!

great game!

this game is honestly pretty awesome. i’m only 4 chapters in but i love it. i will be up all night playing thanks for this!

Fun, but basically a money pit.

This game is, honestly, very fun. It’s also very cute and has Adventure Time vibes — unsure if the creators helped on Adventure Time or what. Despite its fun, it becomes money hungry pretty quickly. I’ve been stuck on level 8-2 for about a month and have lost all urge to play the game. After a while, the levels just get harder and they expect you to revive yourself with diamonds and after a while, diamonds cost money. I see the potential in this game and if the right company/devs owned it — i.e. non-greedy, gamer-friendly people, this game could be worth the money that the current devs are trying to swindle from players. 3/5. Play for a week, delete, move on.

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